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About us

Kugler GmbH, founded in 1983, is a family-owned medium-sized company that develops and produces highly complex and sophisticated micro machine tools, ultra-precision optical and mechanical components, and optical surfaces. Functional samples, prototypes, small and large series are manufactured and measured according to client specifications or as commissioned development to the very highest technological standards.

The Kugler product range comprises ultra-precision machine tools and machine components, metal optics for high-capacity lasers (IR – VIS), job-order production (diamond milling/turning of ultra-precision surfaces, 3D-micro milling/turning, micro measuring), direct machining of plastics for illumination and imaging optics, molds for replication of mass-produced items.

Kugler machines implement direct drives, high-resolution gauges and high-performance control systems that guarantee high dynamics and high-precision machining.

The company cooperates with renowned research institutes and associations, and offers product and application know-how at the highest technical level.

Products and services

Precision Engineering and Optics – machine building and precision manufacturing of metallic optical components: The union of these sophisticated technologies forms the basis for Kugler's activities. From components of a few millimeters to telescope optics of several meters – the ultraprecision machining at Kugler is carried out on in-house developed machining systems.

Apart from mirror optics, we develop, manufacture and assemble complex high-precision micro-structural components with our innovative processing techniques. From barcode readers to optical components for spacecraft, from wafer exposures to injection molds for automobile lights – all over Kugler products and solutions contribute to the commercial success of our clients.

Precision Assembly – The engineering of optical measuring instruments, the assembly of air-bearing components, the use of high-speed spindles in scanners: Kugler has the expertise, the measuring instruments, the clean room and the experienced employees who perform the demanding assembly tasks.

Micro machining of soft plastic material up to hard steel

Micro machining of soft plastic material up to hard steel

The 5-axis ultraprecision MICROMASTER® made by Kugler is setting benchmarks in micro milling, micro grinding, diamond machining. The MICROMASTER® combines high speed with high precision and high user friendliness. Holographic glass scales and interpolated resolution within sub-nanometer range are features that contribute to the high accuracy of the complete machining system. The innovative thermo management and separated machine areas with temperature control enable longterm ultraprecision machining even at ambient temperature variations. The new development by Kugler: an automatic tool change for HSK with flexible robot arm.

Kugler Drum Lathes

Kugler Drum Lathes

The TDM-2000 is a multi-axis system with hydrostatic (oil) bearings, specially developed for ultra-precision turning of optical microstructures on rollers with the use of diamond tools. The center distance on this model amounts to 2000 mm.
Mono-crystalline diamond tools with defined geometric cutting edges produce smooth optical surfaces, or annular and helical groove structures on work pieces made of non-ferrous metal, or coated with electroless nickel.
An optional Fast Tool Servo allows for the turning of uneven structures. The system meets highest demands on roughness and geometrical accuracy (concentricity, diameter variation, cylindricity).
New high-grade features are available such as Kugler developed software for easy and fast programming of complex structures (Pattern Generator KPG and V-Groove Generator KVG), or the single or dual-axis Fast Tool Systems FTS with a stroke of 40/75 µm, direct drive (no flexure transmission), and bandwidth 1500 Hz for structures with up to 800 dot shapes per second.
Single and multi spiral cut, plunge cut, cross hatched gratings, pyramidal and sine wave structures – a variety of processes is offered.


Kugler GmbH
Heiligenberger Str. 100
88682 Salem

Phone: +49 7553 92000
Fax: +49 7553 920045

Till Kugler
Phone: +49 7553 92000

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